Successful Subscription Box Company


Please note, this is a private sale, the owner/seller is a customer of Business Selling Mastery.


For sale is a company created in 2017 that acts as an intermediary to connect E-commerce and subscription box businesses with manufacturers, offering sourcing options at attractive rates with an extremely curated and integrated supplier network.


The global subscription box market reached $18.8 billion last year and is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 20% from 2021 through 2026. This company has capitalized on that, creating a model that relies entirely on drop-shipping and gives clients access to wholesale prices with improved margins as they scale their customer base. They have an extremely high client retention rate and increase revenue in tandem with their clients’ growth and earn revenue through taking a cut on orders (anywhere from 6-15%), which still allows their clients to receive products at a lower wholesale price than at many other places.


The business is based in Canada but is fully remote and relocatable,. There is no inventory to carry and a home office is all that is required. An ideal buyer would be an Owner/Operator who can take over high-level responsibilities and work with the existing team on daily tasks.


The business is being offered as a share sale (100% of all issued and outstanding shares), and considers $0 in working capital to be included in this price. Working capital is expected to be above and beyond the $3M asking price.


By completing the NDA and becoming a qualified buyer the owner will gladly share the Offering Memorandum.

Financial Information

Top line revenue growth has been 34% on average, Year over Year the past 3 fiscal years.

The Trailing 12 months Revenue, as of December 31, 2021 = $5,238,000. SDE = $823k

Fiscal YE is July 31. Revenues were $5.1M with SDE of $769k.


Balance Sheet: Working Capital has been running in the $2M range, with the vast majority being Accounts Receivables, which have 60 day terms. There is no Long term debt. Expectation is for new buyer to obtain a Credit Line of 65% - 75% for Receivables.


** Seller's Discretionary Earnings (“SDE”) is a calculation of the total financial benefit that a single full time owner-operator would derive from a business on an annual basis. SDE is the pretax and pre-interest profits, before non-cash expenses, owner's benefits, one time investments, and any non-related income or expenses. SDE may require that expenses be adjusted if a new owner (Purchaser) will necessarily need to take on a new expense. SDE is also referred to as Adjusted Cash Flow, Total Owner's Benefit, Seller's Discretionary Cash Flow, or Recast Earnings.


** Our expectations are for a minimum 35% down payment on the final negotiated purchase price of the business, with the balance being financed over approximately 7 years, with 10 years being the outer limits. Feel free to run some of your own calculations here:

Real Estate

There are no real estate requirements, a home office is all that is required.