Refrigerated Trucking Logistics


This refrigerated trucking logistics business has been rapidly growing over the last seven years and is well set up for the new owner to take it to the next level. The business has been growing and adding roughly 10 refrigerated (reefer) units every year for the past few years to meet the constant demand from their existing clients.

With the growing need for refrigerated trucking in the surrounding area, the ideal buyer should feel confident in taking this operation forward successfully.

The sale is structured as a sale of 100% of the authorized and issued share capital of the company. Working Capital shall be adjusted at $0. By completing the NDA and becoming a qualified buyer, we'll be happy to send you a full Offering Memorandum that will answer most, if not all, of your questions.

Financial Information

Annual Revenues and Seller's Discretionary Earnings
Revenue: $1,160,000
SDE: $370,000

Revenue: $875,000
SDE: $265,000

Revenue: $905,000
SDE: $130,000

* Seller's Discretionary Earnings (“SDE”) is a calculation of the total financial benefit that a single full time owner-operator would derive from a business on an annual basis. SDE is the pretax and pre-interest profits, before non-cash expenses, owner's benefits, one time investments, and any non-related income or expenses. SDE may require that expenses be adjusted if a new owner (Purchaser) will necessarily need to take on a new expense. SDE is also referred to as Adjusted Cash Flow, Total Owner's Benefit, Seller's Discretionary Cash Flow, or Recast Earnings.
** Our expectations are for a minimum 40% down payment on the final negotiated purchase price. Feel free to run some of your own calculations here:

Real Estate

Located in the northeastern part of New Brunswick, the new owner can relocate the office to a location of their choice. There is no real estate included in the sale.