Growing Online Retailer of Nutritional Supplements


A very well established on-line health supplements business with strong repeat and referral business that is capable of being operated anywhere phone lines and internet exists. Currently operated from a home office, this business has been an exceptional money maker for the owner and there is potential to add an additional $60k - $100k to the bottom line with a proper transition plan. Contact us to learn more about this already mapped out plan. It is time for the owner to move on to other life ventures, however, strong support will be provided to ensure the success of the operations remain.
Some quick facts about this business:
- Almost entirely B2C
- No drop shipping and no 3rd party platforms for sales (No Amazon). 100% through existing web-site.
- 95% of sales are in USD
- 80%+ of sales are from within North America
- Approximately 50% repeat purchases.
- Less than 15 SKUs.
- Limited inventory Requirements (size wise) - approximately $150k in value required (5.5 turns per years).
- Operates from home office

Financial Information

Revenues have been growing at approximately 2.5% per year over the past 5 years:
2020: 1,767,920
2021 YTD (as of June 30): 1,375,000
Gross Profit: 43% average over past 5 years.
Maintainable Seller's Discretionary Earnings of $505K (does not consider uptick from proper transition plan)
* SDE - Seller's Discretionary Earnings are the pretax and pre-interest profits before non-cash expenses, owner's benefits, one time investments, and any non-related income or expenses. In addition, SDE may require that expenses be adjusted if a new owner will necessarily need to take on a new expense.
** Our expectations are for a minimum 35% down payment on the final negotiated purchase price, with the balance being financed over 6 - 7 years. For sake of example, we expect monthly payments of P&I to be approximately $11k per month, or $132k per year.