Busy Gas, Liquor, and Grocery with Real Estate

Busy Gas, Liquor, and Grocery with Real Estate


This is a successful community staple comprised of a gas bar, liquor store, grocery / convenience, a small take-out, and rental accommodations. It's truly an all-in-one venture that a community-minded and growth-focused buyer could prosper from by either running the business as is or leveraging the numerous opportunities for immediate growth in profitability. There is a secure trend of upward growth in revenues, providing much comfort in the stability for the future.

If you are not interested in living in a smaller rural community (high summer tourism), where there are absolutely tremendous outdoor recreation opportunities, this will not be the right business for you.

The sale is structured as a sale of 100% of the authorized and issued share capital of the company. Working Capital shall be adjusted at $75,000. By completing the NDA and becoming a qualified buyer, we'll be happy to send you a full Offering Memorandum that will answer most, if not all, of your questions.

Financial Information

Annual Revenues and Seller's Discretionary Earnings:

Revenue: $1,816,043
SDE: $122,445

Revenue: $1,667,595
SDE: $119,046

Revenue: $1,744,333
SDE: $99,805

Revenue: $1,694,682
SDE: $32,087

Balance Sheet: $75k in working capital is included in the sale price and will be adjusted accordingly at closing.

* SDE is calculated with the inclusion of a Fair Market Value rent expense of $35,000 which is sufficient to carry a mortgage of approximately $450,000. 2021 SDE of $122k is after $35k rent expense.

** Seller's Discretionary Earnings (“SDE”) is a calculation of the total financial benefit that a single full time owner-operator would derive from a business on an annual basis. SDE is the pretax and pre-interest profits, before non-cash expenses, owner's benefits, one time investments, and any non-related income or expenses. SDE may require that expenses be adjusted if a new owner (Purchaser) will necessarily need to take on a new expense. SDE is also referred to as Adjusted Cash Flow, Total Owner's Benefit, Seller's Discretionary Cash Flow, or Recast Earnings.
** Our expectations are for a minimum 40% down payment on the final negotiated purchase price. There is an opportunity to obtain a residential mortgage on the individually titled rental property, which would provide for better interest rates and leverage. Feel free to run some of your own calculations here:

Real Estate

The real estate is included in the asking price, which is approximately 1 acre of land.

It also includes two rental properties: one is located on the same parcel as the store and the other is located directly beside.

The source of water supply for the property is from a drilled well with a water treatment system that treats saltwater. Septic system is pumped yearly.

Excluded in the sale, but is part of the business, is a 4-unit rental property on 30,700 sq. ft. of land, which can be purchased and acquired on top of the asking price as an option.