Beautiful 19 Bed Assisted Living Facility


This Community Care Home has been in operation since 1987. Its goal is to offer the care
required to the residents by offering them the feeling of being in a friendly atmosphere and
treated as a family. The residents enjoy the freedom to walk freely outside, to sit with their
coffee in a natural setting, to have the luxury to sit by the fire in the evening and listen to music
in a natural environment. Each new resident that arrives is immediately integrated with the
others to ease the transition and adapt to their new home. The team with more than 20 years
of experience are well versatile and make every new resident feel welcome and at home.

Real Estate

The main floor and basement are 27 ft at 86 ft and the second floor is 27 ft at 58 ft. The basement is accessible to the outside as the land slope downwards. The owner had made up plans to add an additional section of 57ft at 33 with eight additional rooms with a potential additional income well over $400,000.00.