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Production plant to be installed anywhere in the world


This natural fibre concrete additive prevents cracking, increases finishability, and increases the adhesion and cohesion of concrete and shotcrete better than any known alternative. It is more effective, safe, and environmentally friendly, and it increases the efficiency of installation crews and contractors.

The global market for this type of concrete reinforcement fibre is estimated at $1.5 billion USD per year. The United States market is estimated at $350 million. Operating at full capacity, the first full scale production facility will service approximately 5% of the US market or 1.5% of the global market.

Current demand for this fibre vastly outstrips current supply, and we expect an investment of $9.6M USD to capture the exclusive rights to the production will yield a ROI well beyond 100% in the first year of operating at full capacity. This fibre is a better product than alternatives currently on the market, and there is a significant first mover advantage here to capture a large share of the $1.5 billion global market.

The two principal market segments are Decorative Concrete and Shotcrete. The product has been successfully used in close to a hundred international commercial projects, public and private, in Canada, US, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. It was also specifically requested and successfully used in special projects, such as uranium ore storage in Africa, parts of the bobsled track for the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, and parts of the new LRT line in Toronto.

The process to produce this fibre also has several valuable byproducts, some of which have excellent carbon sequestration capacity.

Financial Information

Projected ROI well over 100% in the first year of operation at full capacity. Huge upside potential with additional production facilities across North American and globally.

Minimum Equity Required

4.8 million USD

Real Estate



9.6 million USD

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