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What does it take to make good businesses great? How do I see opportunity worthy of my skill and investment? What vision do I have for my life in 5 to 10 years from now? If you have not contemplated questions like these, I do not believe the rewards of business ownership are ready for you.

If you have, and have invested the time necessary to create meaningful outcomes in your life, then let's see if our visions of creating an extraordinary experience and business aligns with your visions, interests, and capabilities.

Picture yourself waking up with the sun rising alongside one of the most significant rivers in Nova Scotia, home of the world's highest hear and feel pure peace and quiet, with the sound of the active river in the background.  You see bald eagles floating in the sky targeting their breakfast. You breathe in the fresh air, grateful for health and abundance. Then a bout of adrenaline hits you, as you know what your guests are about to experience, a world class tidal bore river rafting experience second to none. It's go time!

  This is the tip of the iceberg on what can be experienced and created at this 180 acre retreat and adventure experience. I'm an outdoors adrenaline maverick and I have every ounce of confidence this location has the potential to become the #1 adventure / adrenaline attraction in Atlantic Canada, with a little effort and a few additions.

What comes to mind:
1. ZipLining, perhaps across the river
2. Ropes Course (TreeGo)
3. Jet Boating
4. Adventure racing on sea floor, similar to Mud Hero
5. Survival Training

The business today has several revenue generators, with their target markets being:
# 1 tidal bore rafting
# 2 cottage rental
# 3 wedding venue
# 4 corporate retreat

When you look at the infrastructure base, there is much leverage available. Use of land. Increased occupancies of buildings given the draws for new activities. If you're open minded, let's talk.

At the height of their operating season, there is a team of 20 necessary to deliver what has been delivered the last few years. There are a few key people we know love their job and would love to grow with a new owner.

A full overview of the business and operations is available to those qualified individuals who have signed our NDA. 

Financial Information

All information available in our detailed Offering Memorandum, provided to qualified Buyers upon completion of NDA.

Minimum Equity Required


Real Estate

With over 180 acres of land and miles of riverfront, this significant parcel of land has so much to offer its current guests and future owners. The property is ideally located to major markets and has the potential to become the single most important adventure tourism operation in the province with a little planning.

There are a total of 14 cottages, with a mix of One-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 5-bedroom, and rates ranging from $137/night - $790/night.

The infrastructure of the property is utilized, representing immediate upside growth potential without capital investment for a visionary who can execute.

All details available in our detailed Offering Memorandum, provided to qualified Buyers upon completion of NDA.



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