Buyer Acknowledgement Form

Our mission is to deliver the highest customer satisfaction rates of all business brokers in North America.

As experts in process of transitioning established, profitable, bankable businesses, we only work with qualified sellers and buyers who are committed to getting results and believe in hard work; there are no shortcuts. Our clients must receive results better than average. We commit massive action every time because we know when there is a clear vision and a mutual commitment to create outcomes we both deserve, very little can stop that from happening.

Completion of this acknowledgement confirms there is a mutual commitment, an alignment of values, and clear vision to create the outcomes we both deserve.

Let’s make great things happen!

Gateway Business Brokers (GBB) minimum standard is to deliver an experience that meets its customers expectations. Within 10 business days of executing a Letter of Intent, I will provide a short summary of what a 5 Star experience and/or outcome would look or feel like. This shall be shared with the entire GBB team as the minimum standard GBB must deliver. I acknowledge that once GBB has met my expectations, they shall prepare a testimonial and request my permission to use it.(Required)
I acknowledge there are solutions to all challenges and it is imperative I am completely open and authentic with GBB throughout the entire process. I understand every business sale typically encounters at least one challenge (growth opportunity) that can cause business buyers to react un-constructively or challenge their trust and commitment in the desired outcome. I understand GBB has worked through countless challenges and will always support business buyers to create successful outcomes.(Required)
Obtaining industry leading results requires timely communication and decision making. Further, I understand the best outcomes for a sale will happen only if I am 10 out of 10 ready to take action and solve problems together. I confirm I am 10 out of 10 ready and committed to respond to all matters in a timely manner. (Not more than 2 full business days)(Required)
I am willing to trust and rely upon GBB's industry leading processes to deliver win/win outcomes. I acknowledge that any deviation from such processes may greatly impair my desired results and I will immediately rectify my actions once notified by GBB, should they believe any deviation has occurred. The alternative is GBB recommending to the Seller there is too much risk to proceed.(Required)
I acknowledge it is my responsibility to ensure my selected lawyer and/or accountant are communicating with GBB and/or Seller's lawyer and/or accountant in a timely and constructive manner, as required or as requested by GBB. I understand failure to do so may result in undesirable results.(Required)