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The Importance Of Knowing What Your Business Is Worth

  • As the owner and operator of your small to medium-sized business with more than 5 years of history, you have become an expert in what you do and how you do it. You have invested countless hours, made numerous sacrifices, and you know your operations inside and out.
  • The question is, what value have you really created? Do you know what your business is worth, what a qualified motivated buyer would be willing to pay you? Who on your team is responsible to ensure the business is positioned to achieve a premium value?
  • We are not just here to provide you a number, we’re here to get personal and passionate with your business and add real value to your life. Our guarantee, if we’re unable to provide you with 300% or more value to your life than the cost of our valuation then it’s free. A typical valuation of a small business generating $1,000,000 or less in revenues is very cheap compared to the end results. Your cost will range between $2,000 and $5,000 and will be formalized in a quote once we know more about your business.
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We are so confident in the outcomes of our service, we will pay you between $10,000 and $25,000 if we are unable to find a buyer for your business within 12 months. Contact us today to learn the terms and conditions of this offer and determine we are the best choice to turn your vision into reality.

Our specialization

Our Business Valuation Process

Gateway Business Brokers’ business valuation services are a powerful way to make the most of the investments you’ve already made in your business and the asset you have created. Not only does our valuation give insight into the returns you would expect if you were approached to sell your business today, it also provides benchmarks you can judge future success to ensure you are maximizing your most important asset, and offers recommendations on how to create immediate additional value in your company today.

We expect our business valuation process to provide our clients with a return of 300% or more on their investment, in addition to helping:

  • Direct, modify or improve business planning.
  • Determine areas that add the most value to your business.
  • Assist in succession planning so you are set to maximize your after tax profits when you do sell your business.