You do not need to hire an expert or be an expert

For business owners wanting to prepare and sell their company valued between $75k – $750k, dissatisfied with the reality only 1 out of 9 listed businesses actually sell, and where paying a professional 8% – 12% does not make sense, it’s time to unlock Business Selling Mastery.

Join other committed business owners seeking to experience industry leading results by properly preparing their business to be sold, marketing it confidentially, finding their qualified and motivated buyer, and paying themselves $200/hr* or more for their time.

Unlike FSBO options, other education platforms, or unproven service providers, Business Selling Mastery is built on the same processes and tools as our sister company Gateway Business Brokers, who has decades of experience and a success rate up to 9 times the industry average. We are committed to supporting you through every stage of the selling process so you can experience similar results.


The next 7 to qualify will receive a very valuable BONUS, valued at over $500

Who Is Receiving Results?

Those who are committed to creating these solutions together:

  1. Understanding each step required to successfully sell their business for maximum value.
  2.  Preparing their business so it meets the due diligence requirements of all parties involved.
  3.  Establishing an accurate and meaningful valuation of their company.
  4.  Determining the most tax efficient sale structure of their company.
  5. Connecting and finalizing the right deal with their qualified and motivated buyer who will seamlessly transition into the business.

You Do Not Have To Pay Someone $15,000, $25,000, Or More To Sell Your Business. Now Is Your Time To See and Experience A Superior Option

Four people sitting around a table holding papers discussing business.
  • Forbes Magazine and the International Business Brokers Association has stated only 1 out of 9 businesses are sold
  • The average commission of business brokers is 8% - 12% of the business value. The real estate portion is typically 4% - 6%.
  • Over 75% of prospective business buyers will never buy a business.

Outcomes Our Qualified Clients Receive

Results up to 9x the industry average = Success faster!

Connect with qualified, bankable, and motivated buyers.

A success rate for arranging financing of almost 100%.

Business training proven to generate returns greater than 400%, every single time.

Buyers who acquire a business through us will be gifted with tools for growth.

How We Create Outcomes Together

Free - $0

  • Complete Framework To Prepare And Sell Your Business
  • Awareness And Insight Into Valuation, Risk Mitigation, Tax Planning, Deal Structuring, Marketing, Buyer Screening, Negotiation, Financing, Due Diligence, And Transition Processes
  • Masterclass Video Library, Forms, Checklists, and Completed Examples
  • Simplified Tools For Valuation And Financial Preparation

Guided- $995

  • Enhanced Guidance And Maintenance Of Your Sale Process
  • Access Over 26,000 Historical Sales
  • Valuation Instruction & Tools
  • Deal Structure Options (Asset Or Share Sale) and Vendor Financing
  • Templated Offering Memorandum
  • Featured Listing On The GBB Site and Automated Buyer Qualification Process
  • Protecting Anonymity And Safeguarding Information
  • Next Level Negotiation
  • Bi-Weekly Zoom Training

Empowered - $2,495

  • Our Free & Guided Options + Personalized Recommendations And Support, Adding Confidence And Strength.
  • One-on-One Support And Added Tools To Prepare Financials and Valuation
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Customized Marketing Plan & Access to GBB’s Qualified Buyer Database & Centers Of Influence
  • Access The Right Lenders

Liberated - $4,995

  • Our Empowered Option + + +
  • Deep Dive Analysis Of Your Financials and One-on-One Valuation Support
  • Tax Planning & Deal Structuring Support
  • Professionally Produced Offering Memorandum
  • Enhanced Marketing Of Your Business
  • Hands On Support With Buyers, Negotiation, Due Diligence, And Deal Financing.

Full Service Broker -
Customized Pricing For Mutual Success
Starting at $20,000

  • Guaranteed Results With Leadership In All Areas

The Leader Behind Business Selling Mastery

Tim Blais is the founder Gateway Business Brokers, a leading full-service business brokering firm with a mission to be the leading organization to assist business owners seeking to create and extract maximum value from their company at time of transition. His focus is to set the standards for this industry and be known to care more about adding value to people's lives more than anyone.

“We are not just a transaction company, we are an exceptional service company. We commit massive action every time to our clients because we know when there is a clear vision and a mutual commitment to create outcomes we both deserve, very little can stop that from happening.”

If you are ready to receive the gifts of selling your most personal asset, then it's time to unlock the massive value behind Business Selling Mastery.

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Offices Nationwide,
Headquarted in Halifax, Nova Scotia


Helping our clients achieve the greatest success possible requires completing a transaction beneficial to both buyer and seller. To achieve that success, we work exclusively with well-qualified individuals, delve into the unique needs of both parties and develop a strategic plan that will help generate excellent results.


Gateway Business Brokers places a priority on open, frequent and comprehensive communication with our clients. We promise to communicate and confirm expectations in a timely and courteous manner each and every time.

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