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Our duty is to have the highest success rates assisting business owners seeking to create and extract maximum value from their company at time of transition. To achieve this, we focus on setting the standards for this industry and be known to care about adding value to people's lives more than anyone. We have invested over 40,000 hours to inspire, empower, and support business owners committed to successfully selling their most personal asset, their business, for the most after-tax dollars.

With decades of hands on experience delivering results well beyond the industry average, we are certain our processes and programs will deliver you more value than any other like it.

Whether you are looking to sell, trying to figure out if you could sell, or seeking to enhance your life through business acquisition, let's determine if you're qualified to take advantage of the processes and programs that have proven to generate results well beyond industry standards.

The Success Guarantee

We stand behind our results and we want to be your best choice to turn your vision into reality.
Gateway Business Brokers will pay you between $10,000 and $25,000 if we are unable to find a buyer for your business within 12 months, on your terms.

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Your success is our passion, let’s keep it simple. Allow me to show you where we create significant value for business owners. We know the impact well informed and executed business decisions have on your life.


Meet Our Founder: Timothy V. Blais

Tim’s background in business and marketing spans well over 15 years and includes banking, finance, mergers and acquisitions. Prior to becoming a licensed business broker, he was a Senior Relationship Manager for Royal Bank of Canada’s commercial market group. With over 40,000 hours experience, Tim’s knowledge and work has connections in nearly every industry, including real estate, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, and professional market sectors.

Gateway Business Brokers

Our most important focus is to be known to care about adding value to people’s lives more than anyone else. Working with entrepreneurs throughout Atlantic Canada and Western Canada for more than 40,000 hours has allowed us to create industry leading systems that facilitate win/win transactions for the well-qualified buyers and sellers we represent. Delivering outstanding results for both parties in every sales transaction is a must.

We know buying or selling a business is often the most significant transition a family will undertake.  Many of the buyers we work with are moving to a new province, stepping into a completely new way of life. For these reasons, Gateway is often required to support both parties to ensure a successful transition. This balanced, advisory approach is for your benefit of both parties, regardless of which side of the table you are seated.

  • We place a priority on maintaining transparency in the sale and purchase of every business.
  • We honour our duty to hold every transaction in the strictest confidence to protect your privacy and the viability of the sale.
  • Both buyer and seller can expect loyalty and full disclosure from Gateway Business Brokers throughout the transaction.

When you work with our top-of-the-line professionals, rest assured the value you receive from us will always be greater than your investment.


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"Awesome people to work with! Tim and Jennifer were great throughout and assisted us through every step of selling our business like they truly cared. They are the best at what they do and I would recommend them to anyone! "


"Just picked up the closing documents and was going to call to say thank you but I think you’ve had enough of us already. So a really big thank you to you both for taking us on!! We know you deal with much bigger businesses with real organization so thank you for your patience with us & the help that went above and beyond. We really appreciate it and feel lucky to have found your team because we couldn’t have done this without you guys! By the way you guys are super impressive with what you do! "


"As a prospective buyer we just wanted to say thank you! Our experience in searching to buy a business in Nova Scotia showed us that you and your team are different from all other brokers. As a family we made the decision that we absolutely want to work with you."


Offices Nationwide,
Headquarted in Halifax, Nova Scotia


Helping our clients achieve the greatest success possible requires completing a transaction beneficial to both buyer and seller. To achieve that success, we work exclusively with well-qualified individuals, delve into the unique needs of both parties and develop a strategic plan that will help generate excellent results.


Gateway Business Brokers places a priority on open, frequent and comprehensive communication with our clients. We promise to communicate and confirm expectations in a timely and courteous manner each and every time.

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